Clemens Wilhelm


13 questions for E. S. Mayorga
+ Videos "The Role of Fear" +
"The Murderer from La Esmeralda"

Eduardo S. Mayorga: Sitll from the Video "The Role Of Fear I"

Video Talk #8: Two Videos and an Interview with E. S. Mayorga by Clemens Wilhelm on fear and art, horror and murder, the artist as a criminal, on taboos and the forbidden, fear in our society, media and manipulation of perception, mockumentary, documentation and autobiography, fiction and facts, sex and violence, the devil and the child, monsters and demons, on moral, oppression and pedagogy, simulation and play, humor and experiment, art and life …

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Just a little push

13 questions for
Francisco Montoya Cázarez
Video Installation "The Spell from Sonora"


Video Talks #7: Video Installation “The Spell of Sonora” (Videos “The Cleanse” & “The Perimeter”). A conversation of Clemens Wilhem with the Mexican artist Francisco Montoya Cázarez on radioactivity and magic potions, the ‘back stage’ of our society and how invisible places may become visible and conscious, the memory of material, poetic absurd gestures, absurdity and the conditio humana …

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How to live better.

13 questions for Rizki Resa Utama
+ Video "The Happy Family"


Video Talks #5 “HOW TO LIVE BETTER” – Video “The Happy Family” of the series “The Happy People” + 13 questions for Rizki Resa Utama by Clemens Wilhelm.
Its quite an awkward moment when you realize that a camera that is pointed at you is not going to take a photograph but is actually already filming you. This “it‘s a video”-moment is quite strange. The videos of your series “THE HAPPY PEOPLE” seem to be at home at this place between photography and video? What interests you in this confusing place?

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I want to
see them cry.

Video Talks #2.
Julia Charlotte Richter
Promised Land


I don‘t think I have ever seen a film scene with so many men crying together in one room. How did you get to this image?
An important aspect in my body of work is the prospect of one’s future and the condition of the society one is born into. Each of my videos focusses on a certain social group or peer group. Lately, I was thinking about the financial catastrophes and about the people behind all that. This is one reason why I became interested in the image of business men. The characters in my video are at an age that still allows a lot of growth and development –there is “a lot of future” – and in their careers they might reach much higher positions.

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All images
are wrong.

Video Talks #1. Keystone.
13 questions for Constantin Hartenstein.


Neue Positionen der Videokunst. Video + Interview.
Der Multimedia-Künstler Clemens Wilhelm stellt zum Auftakt der Serie “Video Talks” das Video KEYSTONE (HD Videoinstallation, New York 2012) des in New York lebenden Berliner Videokünstlers Constantin Hartenstein vor. Für unser Magazin hat er Constantin Hartenstein 13 Fragen zu KEYSTONE und zu den Reaktionen in den USA auf die Präsentation der Videoinstallation gestellt. Nach und nach rückt das Falsche der Bilder in den Blick …

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