Die Stadt auf der Couch.


Psycho-Urban-Analyse (PUA) ist eine experimentelle Aufmerksamkeits- und Verhaltenstechnik des Umherschweifens in der Stadt sowie eine Analysemethode, die das Feld und die Erkenntnisse psychogeographischer Forschung erweitert. Es handelt sich um eine besondere Technik der Stadterkundung, der Begegnung mit ihren Menschen und mit sich selbst – der Begegnung vor allem mit ihrem Unbewussten …

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I want to
see them cry.

Video Talks #2.
Julia Charlotte Richter
Promised Land


I don‘t think I have ever seen a film scene with so many men crying together in one room. How did you get to this image?
An important aspect in my body of work is the prospect of one’s future and the condition of the society one is born into. Each of my videos focusses on a certain social group or peer group. Lately, I was thinking about the financial catastrophes and about the people behind all that. This is one reason why I became interested in the image of business men. The characters in my video are at an age that still allows a lot of growth and development –there is “a lot of future” – and in their careers they might reach much higher positions.

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