Normen und Muster der Selbstdarstellung

Das Selbst als Puppe,
Panzer & Plagiat.

Über Cindy Sherman.
Werke aus der Sammlung Olbricht
me Collectors Room Berlin bis 28.8.2016

Cindy Sherman, Untitled # 418, 2004 © Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York

Sie wurde als Meisterin der Maskerade und Frau der tausend Gesichter gefeiert. An ihr schieden und scheiden sich noch immer die Geister. Seit mittlerweile über 30 Jahren befasst sich Cindy Sherman in ihren Photographien mit den Bildern und Rollen der Frau in der Gesellschaft. Noch bis zum 28. August 2016 zeigt die Stiftung Olbricht Werke von Cindy Sherman aus der eigenen Sammlung im me Collectors Room Berlin.

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13 questions for E. S. Mayorga
+ Videos "The Role of Fear" +
"The Murderer from La Esmeralda"

Eduardo S. Mayorga: Sitll from the Video "The Role Of Fear I"

Video Talk #8: Two Videos and an Interview with E. S. Mayorga by Clemens Wilhelm on fear and art, horror and murder, the artist as a criminal, on taboos and the forbidden, fear in our society, media and manipulation of perception, mockumentary, documentation and autobiography, fiction and facts, sex and violence, the devil and the child, monsters and demons, on moral, oppression and pedagogy, simulation and play, humor and experiment, art and life …

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How to live better.

13 questions for Rizki Resa Utama
+ Video "The Happy Family"


Video Talks #5 “HOW TO LIVE BETTER” – Video “The Happy Family” of the series “The Happy People” + 13 questions for Rizki Resa Utama by Clemens Wilhelm.
Its quite an awkward moment when you realize that a camera that is pointed at you is not going to take a photograph but is actually already filming you. This “it‘s a video”-moment is quite strange. The videos of your series “THE HAPPY PEOPLE” seem to be at home at this place between photography and video? What interests you in this confusing place?

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