Kunstwerke - Werkgruppenübersicht


Zwei Figuren aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln, die miteinander agieren. Alles wird zum gleichen Zeitpunkt dargestellt. Das Gefühl der Flüchtigkeit wird vermittelt. Das Bildwerk dieser Ausstellung erhält diesen Namen aufgrund der aktuellen menschlichen Beziehungen: den kurzen Beziehungen, den sporadischen Zusammenkünften, der Mikro Fragmentierung jeden Momentes, den man mit dem Partner verbringt, mit dem Liebhaber, mit dem Bekannten, mit dem der für einen kurzen Augenblick neben dir läuft. Es möchte das Temporäre erkunden, wie es Eisenstein mit dem Ausschnitt des Suppentellers in dem Film „Panzerkreuzer Potemkin“, wie es Giacomo Ball mit „Ein Kind läuft über den Balkon“ machte, wie es Francis Bacon mit den Dämonen macht, die sich in jedem seiner Modelle befinden und sie beim Malen seziert.


Impasse Size: A1 594×84 Painting The human being as a suitcase of himself: the essential suitcase filled with all one’s experience and knowledge. This picture takes the still moment of resting and transmitting the content of the new place to ourselves (the suitcase) – the dream, the souvenirs of life lived, seen as waves breaking over our consciousness.


Dobranoc is a Triptych that belongs to the Night-Paintings Series. Done during the night with low directional light, i studied the reactions of the materials to the light and i use it in relation to it. Dobranoc was created for the exhibition ANTROPMORPHIC that took place in EXPO Berlin January 2013 with Beatriz Crespo and Dom García.


Refuge Interstitial

This is a Series of drawings / paintings of small format about the sense of fragility of the "selbst" and auto protection. "The room created while undressing Is a small refuge / You made a home made of yourself Like tearing out your skin And making a shettle_refuge Then Comes the symbolism of the graphite paste Here im Speling the imposible I’m trying to make from something etereal and fragile Of something that doesn’t really exist physically Something strong and present Something that can protect you and not be destroyed Is indeed an industrial material That can remind the sandpaper All the Bad things will be rejected by this sharf and semy violent quality of the materia But at the same time is delicate and organic as a pictorical stain of color..."


80 x 80cm Acryl

Soul Topography

Kleine Zeichnungen A4 / A5

Roca y Erina

Roca y Erina gehort zu den erforschung uber den Menslische kormer "Seele Topographie" gennant, dass war im November jahr 2013 Statal Ausstellung in Valladolid Spanien

Die Raine / Las Lindes

The art of mask is the art of creating a character that one can become. It's a universal culture and lies at every single level of society. In Europe, many traditions including masks are still alive, like the carnival in Venice or Basel. Likewise, masks hold an important place in contemporary art. The symbolism of the mask varies from one culture to another, from sacred in Africa to satirical in the Commedia dell’arte, or as a component of the catharsis in Greek theatre. One question arises: What is the role of masks in the imagination of a contemporary man? On Die Raine / Las Lindes Beatriz Crespo displays a totem, an stage, a mask in wich you disappear to be a part of the whole. Las lindes explore the borders, the blurried lines that trace our identity and differenciation, our affinity