Tabu und Verbot


13 questions for E. S. Mayorga
+ Videos "The Role of Fear" +
"The Murderer from La Esmeralda"

Eduardo S. Mayorga: Sitll from the Video "The Role Of Fear I"

Video Talk #8: Two Videos and an Interview with E. S. Mayorga by Clemens Wilhelm on fear and art, horror and murder, the artist as a criminal, on taboos and the forbidden, fear in our society, media and manipulation of perception, mockumentary, documentation and autobiography, fiction and facts, sex and violence, the devil and the child, monsters and demons, on moral, oppression and pedagogy, simulation and play, humor and experiment, art and life …

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Just a little push

13 questions for
Francisco Montoya Cázarez
Video Installation "The Spell from Sonora"


Video Talks #7: Video Installation “The Spell of Sonora” (Videos “The Cleanse” & “The Perimeter”). A conversation of Clemens Wilhem with the Mexican artist Francisco Montoya Cázarez on radioactivity and magic potions, the ‘back stage’ of our society and how invisible places may become visible and conscious, the memory of material, poetic absurd gestures, absurdity and the conditio humana …

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